After 10 years designing shoes for major fashion houses, previously in New York City, before moving to Australia, Babi recently kicked off her own brand of Brazilian made leather shoes, Babi Bello.

Crafted in Brazil, using premium South American leathers, the self-titled brand delivers high quality leathers, finishes & sexy styling. Babi’s collections are influenced by global fashion trends and the upbeat way of life in New York City, Miami and Rio de Janeiro (all cities Babi has had the pleasure of living in!) and targets independent women who know their own mind.

We could say that Babi’s mission is to provide women with a range of exquisitely styled shoes using only the best leathers – because that is what she does – but it’s more than just that.

Our aspiration is to inspire women to bring to light their confidence and individual personality.

To create a following is an achievement, however, full creative satisfaction is derived from women seeing Babi Bello as an avenue they're able to turn to frequently to inspire their imagination and share our passion.

This is our mission.